Application for Card Program

Eligibility Details

King Tier 

Black Metallic - Minimum 1 King NFT Staked + 1,000,000 $KING staked for 1 year to get the card (must clear KYC)

Queen Tier 

Platinium Metallic - Minimum 1 Queen NFT Staked + 100,000 $KING staked for 1 year to get the card (must clear KYC)

Knight Tier 

Gold Metallic - Minimum 1 Knight NFT Staked + 10,000 $KING staked for 1 year to get the card (must clear KYC)

Squire Tier 

Blue Plastic  - Minimum 1 Squire NFT Staked + 2,000 $KING staked for 1 year to get the card (must clear KYC)

Interested parties for those who want to purchase card instead

Submit the images with the following details :
1) Show any NFT in your wallet address (must be same as the address entered in KYC form)
2) Show a minimum amount of 2000 $KING and

3) Pay 0.4 ETH to wallet address 0x31DC4B14a4DF7B627A34951812fA4500C738f391 and show successful proof of transaction record.
4) Submit card application form. (must KYC)

How to qualify?

Submit your pre-requisite questionnaire card application form here ,

Once the form is submitted, our customer service will guide you.

Documents Required:
1) Clear copy of passport

2) Photo of the applicant holding the passport in the photo

3) Signed application forms

4) Proof of address

*Note : Please keep the original application form. We will require the original form to be send to us upon card approval

By using these cards, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Cardholder Agreement and conditions governing these cards and all future amendments to such Terms and Conditions, if any. The KingSwap Card is issued by a tier 1 bank and is supported by the relevant distributors and operators of the KingSwap Card.


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