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What is KingSwap?

KingSwap is the newest decentralized finance (DeFi) liquidity pool platform that is a further and better evolution of UniSwap. In addition to offering off-ramp fiat currency converting solutions to allow users great convenience between the fiat and cryptocurrency worlds. KingSwap has also added some new Blockchain community-oriented features to the Uniswap's core design, which will help the offering to boom and provide user-friendly real-time benefits in terms of price curves and contributor rewards. Our protocol design offers to align incentives for the users by introducing strategies like pool rewards & network effects.


Is Kingswap a clone of Uniswap/Sushiswap?

Kingswap is a fork of the Uniswap protocol, but adds many improvements and features. For example, after the liquidity pool migration, Kingswap will add Layer 2 and Layer 3 implementations that are technological developments. There are also legal certainty, and fiat off-ramp improvements over Uniswap and Sushiswap.


How does Kingswap Liquidity Pool provision work?

You can bring your Uniswap and/or Sushiswap LP tokens to the Kingswap LP pools and swap them for new Kingswap LP tokens and get rewarded wth $KING tokens with hyper-yield during the initial hyper-yield phase of Kingswap.


Who are the founders of Kingswap?

There is a big team, with real identities and profiles – you can find the team and advisors in the coming weeks from the Kingswap Private Limited Linkedin page, as well as from the Team section in the www.kingswap.io website.


Who is running Kingswap?

Kingswap Private Limited, a Singapore incorporated company, is operating Kingswap for the community, and will hand over control to a Foundation that will govern the project in conjunction with token holders with governance functions from the next phase of $KING that will be implemented after migration.


What is the law that covers this project?

There will be legal issuance of the $KING tokens, covered by Singapore law, and a Singaporean law firm’s legal opinion that will be submitted to the Monetary Authority of Singapore for review.


Will there be airdrops of Kingswap tokens?

$KING tokens will be given to bounty campaign supporters who help the project, and also to NFT holders who bought the Kingswap KING, QUEEN, and/or KNIGHT NFT tokens, and such early adopters and supporters will get airdrops of Kingswap tokens allocated to the community for their support. You can find the Kingswap bounty campaign on www.bitcointalk.org at the Kingswap project page.


What is the token ticker name?



What is the total supply of $KING tokens?

1 billion. There will be 10,000 $KING tokens minted per block for the first 100,000 blocks, meaning a supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) during the hyper-yield pre-migration phase.


What is the supply of $KING being sold at private sale, pre-sale and public sale?

235,000,000 $KING (235 million $KING)


What is the token distribution of $KING tokens?

There will be rewards for NFT holders, Liquidity Providers, Yield Farmers, the Project and Development Team and Project’s Advisors – these can be seen from the smart contract that will be published on the Kingswap Project’s Github.


What are the block rewards of Kingswap?

10,000 $KING per block, for the first 100,000 blocks.

When is Phase 2, or V2 of Kingswap?

November 2020, after the first 100,000 blocks from when the project starts.


Where can I buy $KING and Kingswap NFT tokens?

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