Can You Buy And Sell Cryptocurrency Instantly?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Wondering whether you can trade in cryptocurrencies and tokens instantly? Well, yes!

Cryptocurrency has become a popular place to save, invest, and transact money. Whether you’re looking to buy swap and sell tokens or just shift money between international accounts without going through the bank hassle, cryptocurrency can make it much easier.

However, to someone new in the game, it might appear hard and time-consuming to buy, swap, and sell crypto online. Well, this is the end of your worries! In this post, we’re going to explore ways in which you can instantly buy, swap, and sell cryptocurrencies and digital tokens easily! Let’s get started.

Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency Instantly

Before you begin transacting with cryptocurrencies and tokens, it’s good to have an idea of what transactions you can perform, how they differ, and how each can be of advantage to you.

The most popular and used crypto buying and selling is fiat-crypto trading. This is buying and selling cryptocurrency from or to your regular currency, such as purchasing Bitcoins with US dollars.

Another type of crypto buy and sell is crypto to crypto transactions. In this one, you can buy swap and sell crypto you own to or from another cryptocurrency, such as buying Bitcoin from Ethereum.

The third type of buy is swap and sell; this works in crypto to token. A token is a distinctive cryptographic asset that symbolizes something special that holds a value represented by a certain cryptocurrency.

This value can change with the demand of that token or certain of its qualities. An example of Token is CryptoKitties, which are digital cats identified by different colors, breeds, etc., and therefore hold different values represented in ETH.

Not only can you instantly buy or sell tokens to and from cryptocurrencies, but you can also swap tokens with other willing swappers on the network!

But how can you buy swap and sell tokens and cryptocurrency within seconds?

Well, there are digital platforms and wallets which allow you to perform such transactions, called DeFi (Decentralized finance) platforms.

KingSwap is an exemplary DeFi platform to buy swap and sell tokens and cryptocurrencies instantly. It offers off-ramp fiat to crypto conversions that allow you to instantly and conveniently buy and sell cryptocurrency to and from your regular money!

It also allows you to buy, sell, or swap tokens with other traders online. KingSwap also has its own token collectibles backed on Ethereum. The best part is, KingSwap offers contributor rewards and benefits on its price curves in real-time!


And there’s your easy way to buy swap and sell crypto tokens instantly. It’s hassle-free, simple, and can even yield results if you’re in there long enough! So, yeah, indeed, you can buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly.

Hopefully, that’s given you a clear idea of how to trade with cryptocurrency instantly. If you’ve liked this post or want to put forth your views, we’re all ears in the comments section!

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